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I have recently graduated from Norwich University of the Arts where I studied BA Animation and was awarded a First Class with Honours. Here I specialised in Stop Motion and Motion Graphics. Please see below for examples of my work. To See my Graduate work visit the "Set Design" page above. 


This armature puppet made from paint wire and clay, was made as apart of alongside a woodland set to create a multimedia piece which can be seen below.

To learn more about this project visit my "set design" page.

Untitled_Artwork (8).png

For this project I wanted to practise sustainability and take advantage of materials I already own. So the set was made from cardboard tubes, paper Mache and paper tape. Where the star was made from aluminium wire, clay and paper tape, then they and the background were all painted with acrylic paint. 

This was a Digital Stop Motion project where our inspiration was from traditional paper animation. This was a very fun project which I enjoyed a lot it was fun playing with composition, colour and including my personality

This is a short Stop Motion film I created in my spare time during my second year of university. I was very inspired by Jan Svanjmajer and the Quay Brothers and wanted to create something of my own. 

This was made in my University kitchen with help from my flatmate Elizabeth.

I still am proud of this film as it meant a lot to me at the time and would love to develop it further in the future.

Above is a mixture of some of my preproduction paperwork on ideas I developed by have not yet produced yet as well as some examples of silicone mould making and maquette mock-ups.

annie wicks_edited.png
clay and set design_edited.png
clay and set design_edited.png
Untitled_Artwork (15)_edited.png
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